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When the glass is full, dive in

por | Ene 31, 2023 | Escritura | 2 Comentarios

In my book «Connect. Discover what your body is trying to tell you», I talk about our «floats», those things that keep us afloat in our daily lives. They have an important role in our physical and emotional health. There are stages in life when our body shouts at us asking us to take a break from our floats and put some distance between them and us, even if only temporarily. It´s time to take a deep breath and dive under; sink into yourself, observe and listen.

I´ve been diving around for some time now, not just for one reason, but for several reasons. Sometimes it´s good to be the observer of your own life. A lot can be learned. Sometimes it´s all we can do. When the glass is full, nothing more will fit in it. When there´s too much activity in your life and you´ve reached your limit of strength and capacity, there may not be room for someone or something important. It´s time to reasses priorities and start filling the glass bit by bit, because no matter how large the glass is, it has it´s limit.

2 Comentarios

  1. Joseph

    El equilibrio en nuestra vida es el resultado que debemos buscar. Difícil pero imprescindible para vivir felices. 😀

    • Cathie Cavanaugh

      Y tanto. Es una búsqueda continua, que hay que disfrutar a cada paso. La meta es el camino.


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